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Services of 9A UCP Green Waste Management Solution

9A UCP GreenWMS works closely with major stakeholders within organizations, councils, statutory bodies, agencies and government to find solutions that are exclusive and authoritative. We help to find an answer to legal settlements that are taxable. Leveraging our insightful experiences and capabilities we arrive at solutions based on positive interactions which save your time and facilitate hassle-free set up and operation of your firm.

Information Services
This includes Registration & Compliance Services. With EPR Planning, Consultation on EPR & training programmes on EPR & E-waste overall

Physical Services
This includes implementation of EPR, End to end e-waste disposal, User Data Security, and E-waste Data Management

Product / Service
This includes Implementation of Deposit schemes or Buy Back schemes on behalf of producer. Bidding and award of contracts for different e-waste disposal.

9A UCP GreenWMS offers services in the following:

1. Waste Management:

  • e-Waste Management
  • Plastic Waste Management
  • Awareness
  • Capacity Building

2. Climate Change & GIS

  • Climate Change
  • GIS Based Rural & Urban Development Planning
  • Environmental Modeling
  • Capacity Building
  • Health & Social protection

3. Rural Development

  • Capacity Building of PRIs functionaries
  • GIS based Gram Panchayat Planning
  • Watershed development
  • Plantation work
  • Awareness programme on Health and Hygiene

We assure that once we associated with you, we will take care of all your related tasks, leaving you trouble-free to manage your other company obligations.