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What We Offer

We offer comprehensive recycling, industry-specific waste management, sustainability solutions for businesses and corporations. We provide Customized Service for all clients.

Quality Work

We have a very professional team which provide accurate, reliable solution with the ability of meeting all the deadlines. Our company is dedicated towards client satisfaction

Environmental Sustainability

Our operations reflect how we integrate environmental sustainability into the business. Our solutions always addresses issues like Climate Change


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9A UCP Green Waste Management Solutions

9A UCP Green Waste Management Solution is a social and commercial initiative Our mission is to clean the environment eliminate the waste from your past using advanced technology, while providing your business a clean slate for the future. We are developing a strong presence in major cities of India. We’ve got collection facilities that’s always within your reach.

We ensure of your waste in an environmentally safe manner, in order that your conscience is clean. India produces over 62 lakh million tonnes of waste annually. And that number grows by 5 per cent per annum . It’s possible to recycle around 50 to 60 per cent of the waste generated. We are a government authorised organisation for the collection, storage, dismantling and recycling of electronic and plastic waste.

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Our Services

We Provide Services


1. e-Waste Management
2. Plastic Waste Management
3. Awareness
4. Capacity Building

Waste Management


1. Climate Change
2. GIS Based Rural & Urban Development Planning
3. Environmental Modeling
4. Capacity Building
5. Health & Social protection

Climate Change & GIS

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1. Capacity Building of PRIs functionaries
2. GIS based Gram Panchayat Planning
3. Watershed development
4. Plantation work
5. Awareness programme on Health and Hygiene

Rural Development